MIlky Planet or Bunny Bear Bag....So many choices!

Milky Plant=et

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bunny Bear bag


I'm going to be recieveing my tax returns and its pretty good so I'm willing to buy one of two things that I love so much. Milky Planet or Btssb bunny bag. Im so excited I don't know which one I want! X3 I need help I plan on getting both but I have no clue On which I want now. I'm so pumped I want to cry lol. Silly little happy. lol
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Why did they have to make art school so tough!! :'C tears overflowing. All I want to do is wear lolita and make dresses and have women all over the world feel pretty and princessy is that so hard to ask for. Oh Angelic Pretty, Oh Baby, Oh IW, Victorian Maiden why must you tempt me lol. I just want to be dreaming more. I want to enjoy making dresses and have people wear my dresses.

no Meta Lucky pack for me.

My older brother said he was going to buy me a Meta Honey Picnic lp but he said it will have to wait to Feb 15 problem I wanted it before my 23rd Birthday. I was planning a big tea party for me and my friends but now I dont know what Im going to do. Im really disappointed in my brother right now. He rather buy stuff for his girlfriend but not his family. I guess she is his priority now. Please dont thing rude me for thinking such things. Its just everytime he postpones something it means he is not going to get it at all. Cest la vie I will try and get it myself.

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Lolita Lifestyle.

I read a blog about living a lolita lifestyle than i got into an argument with several people about lolita being a lifestyle. I thought about it and came to conclusion I want to live a lolita lifestyle. Being lolita is intense all ready with peoples opinions about it however, i think it is very becoming and classy lifestyle to live. So i want to morph my entire wardrobe into lolita yet still keep to my high fashion outlook. I know some of you may think otherwise of me mixing lolita and high fashion but I enjoy the two so much. So i have a plan to create a high fashion line that incorporates lolita as the every day theme. So every show I have lolita will be the signature look just modern. I would like to know your opinions of this. Do you think it will take away the idea of lolita?


i enjoyed otakon. it was fun the fashion show was amazing. Meeting h. naoto was even better. but it was quite weird he kept staring at me. i didn't know what to do so i just smiled at him and then he gave me a big hug. hes weird but i love him. im going to marry him someday. lol only in my dreams. he quite the genius but not when trying to spell my name right. he failed at that. lol but i still love him nonetheless. i hope everyone enjoyed the little baggies i gave them. it may be a little tight to open but there are lots of goodies in there so ENJOY! :)
there was this one girl i was trying to befriends there but this drunk guy kept trying to talk to her and touch it was awkward so i left i told her to befriend me on facebook. she did but since i moved its weird now. i will figure something out later. jerk guy

good friends and good drinks

im enjoying this week with my twin and my "little" sis and my friend. this week is just amazing im going to miss it when i move and im going to miss you girls on md_grandeur. when i finally figured out how to work the network im moving. sadness. :)

good friends

i have a house full good friends and i must say its quite exciting. everyone is enjoying themselves. and right before otakon! its like every night is party night. oh im going to miss these good times when i go to atl. sad face.but new faces mean new friends.
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